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Is image consulting worth it? Yes, the answer is yes

For years, I’ve looked for the right resource for LinkedIn profile photos. After all, what’s a great profile if you don’t have a great photo? (Myself excepted. Cobbler’s shoes and all that jazz.)

If you’re outside the San Francisco Bay Area, I don’t know what to say (and there are many of you, I’m sorry!). But if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, my absolute favorite image consultant (Michelle Augenstein) and photographer (Tonya Perme) have joined forces to create the most extraordinary package.

Let them know I sent you if you connect.

download (3)

Oh, and they individually have incredible offering as solo practitioners. Dynamic duo? Solo practitioners? Seriously….

Michelle at CornerOfficeImage.com.

download (2)

download (1)

Yes, they’re photos .. but they make a difference. Get ’em done right!

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