Jared Redick's Job Description Analysis

Jared is well-connected in the world of executives and management professionals quietly on the move, or passively open to opportunity.

As a retained search recruiter with Marks, Paneth & Shron Consulting in New York, and later The Alexander Group in San Francisco, Jared was recognized by a partner for “strong instincts and sound judgment.” He was also asked to take over another partner’s finance and accounting executive search practice, which Jared ultimately declined.

As an executive résumé writer and strategic storyteller working with heads of industry, academia, and beyond, his work inherently involves getting to know client strengths and weaknesses, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Jared’s blend of intuition, analysis, and experience—coupled with a database that has grown carefully over nearly two decades—represents the possibility of a match that can save your company months or years in a search compared to traditional search time, and potentially thousands of dollars in costs traditionally associated with finding the senior leader for your company.

Jared’s clients are frequently well-educated members of the Fortune 50, with compensation ranging from $250,000 to $750,000—many with total compensation in the millions of dollars.

Details & Caveats

Before hiring a retained search firm—because the terms of that agreement would vaporize Jared’s ability to help—reach out to see if your spec results in any potential candidates with whom you should speak.

The 2-5 days it takes Jared to research his database and arrange a potential confidential conversation could shortcut your search by months and even years. His five percent fee of the successful candidate’s first year salary is lower than the traditional thirty to thirty-five percent you would pay a traditional retained search firm.

Reach out for more information about whether a Strategic Introduction is right for your search.

Note: You must be a past client of Jared’s to leverage this service.

Reasons to Consider a Strategic Introduction

  • Shorten the recruiting cycle: A 2-5 day period to find a possible match can do a lot to shorten the usually months-to-years retained search recruiting lifecycle.
  • Meet thoughtful leaders: Professionals who have taken several weeks or months to examine their value—which includes their strengths and weaknesses, as well as things they enjoy and don’t enjoy doing—suggests a unique kind of self-awareness. Highly successful people usually don’t get there or perform at that level without being strategic and self-aware, so the people in Jared’s database will already be a step ahead, almost by default.
  • Meet well-educated professionals: A majority of the people Jared works with are Ivy League or Top 10 School educated, or have developed careers, professional distinction, and personalities that mirror those pedigrees.
  • Get introduced to candidates with the technical chops, seniority, and cultural nuances your client needs: Jared uses his insight as a former retained search recruiter to break down a client’s story, refocus it, and set reality around the person’s intentions. That one-on-one rigor creates compelling odds of finding an interesting candidate for your needle-in-a-haystack search.
  • Meet people who are happy at work, but open to change if it’s the right next step: Jared’s practice focuses on professionals who are not necessarily looking to move immediately. In fact, many simply went through his intensive process because they were referred by a colleague, friend, or family member who learned a great deal about “who they are” today, and found it to be helpful in their every day work.

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