What’s your story?

Every building constructed, every RFP won, every product successfully sold, and every career powerfully shaped … all tell a carefully crafted story.

But taking the next step in your business’s or your own evolution begins well before a single word is committed to paper. The journey from Point A to Point B requires you to make key decisions.

In fact, more than tone of voice and SEO-conscious content, “deceptively simple” copy starts by examining intrinsically tangled matters like intention and purpose. Whether positioning a company or its leadership team, or charting the course of an individual career, the art of framing ideas and developing compelling narrative starts with the underlying tough questions that ultimately lead to a clear mission.

I’m Jared Redick, and I built The Redick Group on nearly two decades of experience using the writing process as a tool for professional self-discovery. The resulting relationships and expertise have made my San Francisco practice a resource for clients around the globe.

When you find yourself or your company at a crossroads, get in touch to talk about your goals and see how The Redick Group might help you take the next step.

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