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Sent to Jared via Email:

“I ended up taking a senior product management role at [Silicon Valley giant]. I have reason to believe your résumé helped me close the job and probably get a better offer. They brought me in at a surprisingly senior level. I actually outrank friends who have been there ten years.” — International Product Manager résumé, San Francisco Bay Area

Best résumé I’ve seen come out of Harvard Business School. — Fortune 50 chairman remarking on a client’s biotech résumé

“I’ve been telling people how great your service is. Example: For the current role, there were eight recruiters calling me within two weeks. I guess your SEO technique really worked its magic.” — Worldwide Business Intelligence Architect résumé, Fortune 10 Company

Can I tell you how very thrilled I was when I read the first section of my new résumé?! I don’t have the occasion to see many HR résumés, and this one you have created has far more impact than the last one I saw, which was a staffing director at [company name], which is one of the best I’ve seen. I’m off to keep reading and adding the edits and inputs [you’ve recommended]. I’m so impressed with the way you’ve described, branded, and articulated me and my career. Thank you. — Fortune 50 HR business partner résumé

“Jared is the best résumé and LinkedIn profile consultant I’ve ever known.” — CMO, Cloud-based life sciences company

“Thank you for the wonderful journey through my résumé building process. The structure you’ve developed to guide clients is very well laid out. I truly enjoyed the personal discovery, and your unique way of turning a basic idea into a competitive advantage. Looking at the résumé, each word has meaning and weight, while the résumé is concise and to the point. Very powerful. Thank you.” — Chief Operating Officer résumé, Silicon Valley

“An artist who paints compelling career narratives with words.” — President & Digital Brand / Innovation Executive résumé; former Big Four Management Consultant

I’m excited to say that I landed a next position, and oddly enough, it’s almost exactly what we were looking for — building new business lines for an energy software start up.”— Vice President, Business Development, Solutions Team

“Boarding a red eye. Nailed it! Guess how they found me. Yep, the LinkedIn profile 100%. Thank you!” — Vice President at one of the U.S. stock market exchanges

“I was talking with a recruiter this morning and she said mine was the best written and laid out résumé she had ever seen. Every single place I’ve sent it to so far has received a call back! That’s a 100% response rate!” — Senior Marketing Director résumé, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“My consultations with The Résumé Studio has been a foundational step in building and fostering a professional narrative as I near the completion of my doctoral program and pursue multiple career pathways. Jared’s fresh and efficient approach to this genre of writing works as a translatable guide across various platforms of the job search process while breaking down misconceptions about the perceived differences between the academic CV and the non-academic résumé. I’ve used The Résumé Studio toolkit—including Jared Redick’s Job Description Analysis—to apply to several opportunities, across various sectors in the Bay Area and LA, and secured multiple interviews and offers in fields with direct links to my interests and capacities as a humanities PhD.” — University of California PhD candidate, CV to résumé conversion

“I appreciate the thought you’ve put into the document, especially in the summary up top. You’ve incorporated parts of my personality, experience and operating rhythm that I had difficulty conveying in words. Super cool!” — Payment operations and risk management professional résumé, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“I was sketchy about paying to have my résumé and cover letter written, but finally bit the bullet. The outcome has been beyond my expectations. What I didn’t count on was the care I felt while we worked together to get it right. I felt like you understood where I was coming from.” — Retail résumé, Middleton, WI

“Well, Mr. Brilliant, I just landed a job that started with an email from a company founder who said, ‘Your résumé looks fantastic, call me and come on in and talk.’ I am thrilled!” — Product Development résumé, Seattle, WA

“Thanks for everything. You did a great job as always. By the way, my company was acquired, so the timing was perfect. It feels great to be prepared.” — Software Consulting Engineer, Systems Developer & Trainer résumé, Austin, TX

Expressed via LinkedIn Recommendations

“The Job Description Analysis was a very meaningful exercise. It gave me a little more clarity into how I see my career progressing. I would like to discuss some of the insights that I gained when we meet.” — Vice President, Market Development 

“Many years ago I engaged Jared to assist me with my résumé. I found his process to be thorough, efficient and thought provoking. Though we live on opposite coasts and have never physically met, I find his personality both professional and delightful. He is highly skilled and I highly recommend him.” — Carmen was Jared’s client

“From the opposite coast, Jared guided me through the process of how to articulate my résumé and LinkedIn page to describe my transition from former employee, through my professional sabbatical, to becoming a self-employed consultant. I hadn’t had a résumé update for twenty years, had been out of the work force, and had a growing list of clients to add to my résumé.

Jared’s thoughtful listening, sense of humor, and thorough, detail-oriented work with me resulted in a true turning point in my career. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I love the results. Now, I am excited to lead people to my marketing materials. This is the best investment in my career I have ever made.” — Elizabeth S.

“It’s hard to overstate the value that Jared brings to the process of helping one craft a résumé. These are notoriously difficult to do well for oneself, and after working with Jared, I say – don’t! – let someone who is highly skilled help.

Jared helped me take a huge step back and get a fresh perspective on 15+ years of work experience, bring forward the experiences that support what I’m most interested in pursuing now, structure the résumé in a way that is easily visually scannable, exquisitely concise and has a voice that feels like an authentic representation of me.

Jared is a great partner to work with. I felt like he was in my corner from our first meeting onward. He listens well, cares, works quickly, is thorough and extremely responsive. I recommend him highly” — Sarah K. hired Jared as a Résumé writer and Career consultant
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I have been through many different résumé writers before Jared. He is by far the most thorough and innovative writer who has delivered superior results. He has written résumés for my wife, peers and friends, each landing opportunities or roles within the first month of use. If you are looking for a complete résumé writer, I highly recommend him.” — Eric K. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor, and hired Jared more than once
Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative

“The Résumé Studio.com by Jared Redick was instrumental in presenting my experience in a concise professional manner. Jared’s positive energy flows into the process and the end result is a great resume. Because its a shared work process, I really got a sense of my personal strengths and that flowed into my confidence and delivery during the interview process. I highly recommend The Résumé Studio to anyone looking for a professional service that you can tailor to your exact goals and objectives.” — Dwayne M., CFA, hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I knew I was in good hands when I opened Jared’s questionnaire and started to fill it out. He challenges you to think about the job you’re searching for, not just the one you’re trying to escape. Then he asks the right questions to extract key data so that he can showcase your talents and successes, all geared toward getting you that critical interview. The résumé that Jared wrote for me opened the doors to the top three firms on my list and gave me the leverage to negotiate a competitive salary with my top choice.” — Karl A. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“I am more than delighted to write a recommendation for Jared Redick. I found Jared through a referral. Jared is very thorough and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable working with him even though we were located across the country from each other. The final result and product was better than I expected. Everyone that read my résumé was saying “wow”. Jared was able to highlight my talents in a way that really made me shine. I recently narrowed my job search down to three ideal positions and have just accepted a senior director position with a wonderful company. Jared is an expert in his field and I highly recommend his services.” — Kim L. hired Jared as a Career Coach
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

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