Ready to map the intersection between where you’ve been and where you want to go?

Leaders at Fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofits, and government institutions nationwide have used Jared Redick’s Job Description Analysis to:

– Explore career paths

– Determine next step readiness

– Identify technical gaps

– Plan for the future


Endorsed by the University of California Humanities Research Institute and UCLA Career Services—and used by alumni from every Ivy League and Top 10 School as a foundational career planning tool—“the JDA” holds the promise to help you realistically evaluate the next step in your career.


Microsoft Excel Required.

The downloadable template in this booklet requires Microsoft Excel.

If you don’t have Excel, but are confident that you could recreate the template using Numbers or Google Docs, you should be fine.

Otherwise, purchasing this tool is discouraged, as the entire point of “the JDA” is your completion of the embedded template within Excel.

PDF Only. For Desktop Use.

This tool is intended for use on a desktop, not a mobile device.

It contains an embedded template created in Microsoft Excel. It will be delivered to you as a PDF, and is meant for deep thinking and rigorous desktop-based work.

Do not purchase it intending to use it on a tablet or phone.