Is Apple’s Famously Flat Structure Really Flat? And What Can That Mean for Smart Startups?

An INC Magazine article I read last night about the virtues of flat organizational structures (good stuff: loyalty, engagement) reminded me about the mystery of Apple's famously flat hierarchy. For no reason but curiosity, I googled "apple flat," which auto-completed into "apple flat hierarchy." Exactly what I was looking for. Top of the search result heap was a 2011 Financial Times [...]

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80/20 Rule Alive and Well for First-Time Tech Board Members: Korn Ferry Institute Report

On the heel's of yesterday's post about Fortune 500 board directorships, the Korn Ferry Institute drives home the point that securing a board seat is less abracadabra and more purposeful planning. With a focus on tech companies, one of Korn Ferry Institute's standout findings to my eye was this: "Fewer than 20% of first-time tech board members landed [...]

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New Data from Heidrick & Struggles for C-suite Members Considering a Fortune 500 Board Directorship

C-level clients sometimes ask how to get on a board of directors. Like it's an easy thing. And yes, there are differences between executive résumés and board director résumés. But the question is a good one, because every journey begins with a single step. If you're thinking what a Fortune 500 board directorship might look like, Heidrick & [...]

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Want to Shape a Career Change? Speak to Your Sweet Spot

Toward the end of last year, a client and I were wrestling with writing her LinkedIn profile's executive summary. Sitting across my desk, she grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen. With seventeen years of really interesting operational leadership in startup and Fortune 10 companies, she was trying to quickly illustrate what she considers [...]

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