Mistakes Are Part of the Human Experience

Oh, how I love the Internet. Way back in December of 2012, Basecamp.com co-founder Jason Fried posted A mistake is a moment in timeon the project management app's Signal v. Noise blog. If you've ever blundered hard, and had a hard time forgiving yourself, Jason's article is a good reminder that mistakes aren't intentional. It's also [...]

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Global Executive Search Firm Opens Kimono on Secrets to Success for Executive Candidates

There's an awesome several-page list of candidate resources lurking on the Boyden Global Executive Search website. I often wonder how many people leverage it. I estimate that maybe 3-5% of positions ever in the world run through executive search, so it might not be a Kardashian-worthy destination—at least in terms of volume—but it's highly worthwhile for the subset of [...]

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Facing a Search Committee Interview? Here’s How to Prepare

The simplicity of this article about preparing for a search committee interview is deceptive. (And wonderful.) And I'm not saying it just because I used to work for The Alexander Group. JANE HOWZE SHARES "HOW TO ACE A SEARCH COMMITTEE INTERVIEW" IN TAGLINES MAGAZINE. If you've never faced a search committee interview, but might do so in the next few [...]

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New York Times Reports on LinkedIn Development for Tomorrow’s Leaders

If eighty percent of jobs are found through one's network—and we recently saw that even board seats follow the same 80/20 rule—then it stands to reason that one should start thinking about networking early. For tomorrow's leaders still in school, it's not too soon to build a great LinkedIn profile, and the July 31 New York [...]

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